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White mustard seeds are used to make yellow mustard; the color comes from turmeric. Spicy mustards are concocted from brown mustard seeds.

The "fingers circle" gesture is widely accepted as the American "okay" or "I'm in agreement" sign, but it means something quite different in other countries.In Brazil and Germany, the gesture is considered vulgar or obscene. The gesture is also considered impolite in Greece and Russia, while in Japan it means "money". In southern France, the fingers-circle sign signifies "worthless" or "zero".

Many children occasionally walk in their sleep. Sleepwalking is ordinarily a phase in the growing-up process. Because parts of the child's brain are immature, dreams can be stimulating enough to cause a youngster to take a nocturnal stroll. About 25 percent of all children have one or more sleepwalking episodes between the ages of 7 and 12, according to sleep researchers.

Berengaria, Queen of England and wife of Richard the Lionhearted, never set foot in England. She lived in Italy most of her life while her husband was off on adventures and crusades.

On October 5, 1953, the Yankees won their fifth straight World Series, a headlining feat never before achieved in baseball history. They beat the Dodgers 4-3 in the decisive sixth game of the series. Additionally, the Yankees chalked up their sixteenth World Championship against only four defeats.

Hailed as a wonder drug in the late nineteenth century, cocaine was outlawed in the United States in 1914.

Actor and former teen heart-throb Johnny Depp purchased a lavish Hollywood Hills mansion in 1996 that once was owned by famed Dracula film portrayer, Bela Lugosi.

Historians report that the Roman Emporer Gaius (Caligula) (A.D.37-41) was so proud of his horse that he gave the animal a place as a senate counsul before he died.
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