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randomboredness's Journal

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Hey im starting this comunity so diffrent people with diffrent points of views and intersts can get together and talk. im getting bored so i figured id spice things up. I dont care what you write or what you post. doesnt matter to me. just try to be respectful to other members *i hope there are some lol*. post pictures, poll, surveys *cut code please* quizes *within reason and with cut code please unless its only 1*. if ya wanna post your nekkid self across the page have at it. lol its your shame not mine lol. thanks yall!

*everyone welcome ladies and gents alike*

*btw avoid the DRAMA!


General Community Guidelines

1) Whining: If you're a whiner (I don't personally know if any of you are, but they're out there, those whiners, I know it) keep it for your personal journal. These would be the "How much my life sucks" posts. We're all guilty of it sometimes, but the community doesn't really need to know all about it. Use discretion, it's common courtesy.

2) Flaming: Not everyone can get along, it's a fact, but try to keep the squabbling to a minimum. If you don't like someone, just avoid them. This includes snipey comments and posts regarding other members. No mo drama!

I know it sounds retarded to make this sort of statement, but if you can't play well with others, and/or make the community a miserable place to post, you shall get de boot, in de butt. Comprende?